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Indian Copyeditors Forum is a group for Indian editors and its aims are to share knowledge, ideas, thoughts, and resources among its members.

It encourages freelance and full-time editors (necessarily Indian) to engage in active networking and hopes to create a culture of meaningful and sustained interaction. The Forum invites editors to share successes and pitfalls of freelancing, provide leads, give warnings (always discreetly), ask questions, and discuss oddly written sentences, other editorial bugbears, and any other professional concerns. 

The media (or type of editor) can range from book editing to academic editing. In addition to editors, abstractors, designers, indexers, manuscript evaluators, project managers, proofreaders, translators, and writers are welcome to join. 

Please use the discussion forum widely. India has wonderful editorial talent, so let's get it together to display our high editorial standards and promote the professional status of freelance and full-time editors.


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