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History of the Founding of Christian Editor Network LLC

Kathy Ide’s vision to create a community for Christian editors began in 2004 with the launch of The Christian PEN: Proofreaders and Editors Network. Although there were plenty of groups for Christian writers, nothing existed to encourage Christian editors. Her objective was “to provide freelance proofreaders and editors with a venue for cooperative competition through mutual support and the exchange of information, leads, and resources.”

As The Christian PEN grew, she saw the need to connect authors with established, professional editors and created Christian Editor Connection. This free matchmaking service started connecting clients to editors based on the specific needs of the manuscript.

To celebrate the ten-year anniversary of The Christian PEN in 2014, the first editors’ convention was held in Southern California. On the last day, it was dubbed PENCON and the decision was made to make it an annual event.

During the conference in 2016, the three leaders spent hours with several people discussing the options for forming a business out of the organizations that continued to see amazing growth. Almost a year of planning became a reality in July 2016 when Christian Editor Network LLC (CEN) was established by the three co-owners: Kathy Ide, Christi McGuire, and Jenne Acevedo.

Education had always been a key part of The Christian PEN, so the co-owners decided to create a separate entity for it. The PEN Institute was launched in September 2016 with online courses and learning opportunities for freelance editors, in-house editors at publishing houses, and early readers/editors who work for agents in the Christian industry. The institute offers courses, webinars, mentoring, and more.

CEN is passionate about equipping and empowering Christian editors as the parent company of four divisions. What began as a spark of an idea in March 2004 has become an international organization with more than a thousand members and subscribers. Become a part of the community The Christian PEN. Find an editor or be matched with a new client at Christian Editor Connection. Network with other editors at PENCON in Nashville, TN, May 2–3, 2019. Early-bird registration is available through January 31. Learn something new or brush up on your skills at The PEN Institute.

The newest endeavor is the survey to create the first Christian Editing Standard Rate Chart in the industry. All US freelance editors are asked to take the survey to help compile data for the rate chart. Find out more about the survey and help spread the word.

Find out more about CEN and the divisions or get involved today.

Jenne Acevedo is a freelance editor, writing consultant, and editing instructor who encourages and assists both writers and editors. She is a co-owner of Christian Editor Network LLC, the director of The Christian PEN: Proofreaders and Editors Network, the director of PENCON (an annual conference for Christian editors), a member of Christian Editor Connection, and an instructor for The PEN Institute. Jenne also leads the Chandler Writers’ Group (Arizona), which she started in 2011. Find out more about Jenne at

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